XM Broker Legalities



  • Company Name: Trading Point of Financial Instruments Limited
  • Company Abbreviation: XM
  • Place of registration:XMCyprus
  • Regulatory Status: Regulated
  • Customer Service Email Address: support@xm.com
  • Customer Service Phone Number: +501 223-6696

Basic Information & Regulators of XM

Founded in 2009, XM has grown to become a globally recognized broker with over 450 professionals who have been working in the financial sector for many years, serving over 3,500,000 clients from 190 countries and regions, more than 20 languages. XM is currently regulated by the Financial Services Commission of Belize (Regulation No. 000261/158), the Securities and Exchange Commission of Cyprus (Regulation No. 120/10), the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (Regulation No. 443670), and the Dubai Financial Services Authority (Regulation No. F003484).

Safety Analysis of XM

The trader holds several mainstream regulatory licenses. All users of the company enjoy a negative balance protection policy so that users will not be exposed to the risk of losing more than their account balance. Besides, the company does not charge any fees for deposit and withdrawal.

Market Instruments of XM

XM provides investors with access to the most popular and mainstream financial tradable instruments in the financial markets, with over 1000 instruments in 6 asset classes, mainly Forex (55 currency pairs, including major, cross-currency pairs, and non-mainstream currency pairs), commodities, stock indices, precious metals (Gold and Silver), energies, and stocks.

Leverage & Account of XM

To meet different traders’ trading experience and needs, XM has set up four different account types: Micro (minimum deposit of $5), Standard (minimum deposit of $5), Ultra Low Spread (minimum deposit of $5), and Stock (minimum deposit of $10,000). The leverage settings for Mini, Standard and Super Spread accounts are: $5-$20,000 for 1:1 to 1:888 leverage, and greater than $100,000 for 1:1 to 1:100.

Spreads & Commission Fees of XM

Spreads are variables on standard accounts start from 1.6 pips for EURUSD, 1.8 pips for EURGBP, 0.3 pips for Gold, and 0.03 pips for Silver. The spreads on the Micro account start from 1.6 pips for EURUSD, 1.8 pips for EURGBP, 0.3 pips for Gold, and 0.03 pips for Silver. The spreads on the Ultra Low Spreads account start from 0.7 pips for EURGBP, 0.06 pips for EURUSD, 0.2 pips for Gold, and 0.022 pips for Silver. The spreads on Ultra-Low Spread Mini accounts start from 0.7 pips on EURGBP, 0.6 pips on EURUSD, 0.2 pips on Gold, and 0.022 pips on Silver. No commission is charged for Mini, Standard, and Ultra-Low Spread accounts. Stock trading commission: 4% per transaction for all US stocks (minimum $1 commission per trade), 0.10% per transaction for all UK stocks (minimum $9 per trade), 0.10% per transaction for all German stocks (minimum $5 per trade).

Trading Platform Applied

XM provides traders with the market-leading and highly acclaimed MT4 and MT5 trading platforms available for PC, Mac, mobile (iPad, Android, iPhone), web, and multi-terminal.

Deposit & Withdrawal

XM welcomes credit cards, electronic payments (Skrill, NETELLER), local bank transfers, etc. The broker does not charge any service fee for deposits or withdrawals.



Equivalent to: 25 EUR, 20 GBP, 25 CHF,
3000 JPY, 30 AUD, 1000 RUB, 100 PLN,
7000 HUF, 40 SGD, 347 ZAR

  • No deposit required
  • Automatically credited to your account
  • All profits earned can be withdrawn
  • Available to new clients
  • Non-withdrawable bonus


Or currency equivalent


or currency equivalent


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With so many rewards and incentives already, you might think that XM could not be any more generous, but you would be wrong. In addition to all other bonuses and rewards, a few times a year XM will offer special seasonal bonuses marking certain calendar events and occasions that will be available for very limited periods of time. In addition to this, we will also offer highly exclusive bonuses that will be made available on an invitation-only basis.


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  • All e-wallets 100% covered
  • All major credit cards 100% covered
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  • No hidden fees or commissions