Marian De Jesus


Special Training “What’s Next” By Coach Carl Fajardo

Recipient of Special Training Awarded for the very 1st apprentice to graduate in FTP – Academy Apprentice Program

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Thought of the session:

August 31, 2021 | At 9:00 PM

What I’ve learned today is to trust the process and keep on learning. Everyone has their own time of progress so keep on moving and believing in yourself towards your goals. 💸💵 Happy Pips day! Mgiging profitable trader tyong lahat 🤑

Marian Ethel De Jesus
OCTOBER 7, 2021 | AT 11:48 AM

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I can still remember when I started forex I’m just relying on YT videos, but it seems like my path is unclear towards my goals. When I found Coach Carl the founder of FOREX TRADER PH, I got amazed🤩 his strategies are exceptional. He is very much willing to adjust to your way of understanding. I only had 10 sessions but the knowledge that I’ve gained seems like I finished a college degree. (It’s for you to find out) . For those who want to learn Forex Trading, this is the best mentorship for you! Else, you’re missing the opportunity for the rest of your life. Happy Trading and May the pips be with us always.😉